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Thursday, March 17, 2011

nervous betol!


hai to all my sweet new readers n my loyal readers there! ths entry wana to tell u bout my experience last wednesday, oke let me start.. last wednesday i think at 4pm bel class, we had speaking practice class, the practice class going because on ths sunday we had speaking test! and pretty to say tht my group is the 1st group who going to present! mmg cuak habis* oke back to my story.. on last wednesdy, my name was selected as a 1st girl who going to present infront about 3minutes.. u know guy, 3minutes tht time like 3hour.. present about wht? whtever bout our self, our famly, our fav food whtevr.. but i choose topic "my hobbies" srius mmg mcm standard two kan topic yg i pilih, TOLONG JGN GELAK! it's so easy for me to present oke..

my hobbies? blogging lah.. kat depan tue i cerita lah all bout the advantage of blogging neh.. actuly mmg cuak habis lah masa tue, senyum pn macam tak senyum dah takut punya pasal kan..nak buget cool pn tak boleh dah haha! ape2 pn life kat U ni mmg tak boleh lari dari presentation.. actly presentation ni bagus tau sbb dia nak mengasah ourself confident...maaf kerana grammar i mmg tunggang terbalik sbb dulu masa darjah tiga malas g sekolah! hehe >.<

thanks for read the simple entry!